Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow - Cried Even with the Fourth One

I was in a familiar, yet never easy, position today. Nicholas went to his new preschool today for the first time. Oh yes, TEARS. He wasn't exactly happy either, which made it even tougher.

Which brings me to my thought today. Parenting is so humbling -- there are so many situations where you have to let go and trust your most treasured children to others. 44 families are going to do that with me in a few weeks.

It has been wonderful to grow as an educator since becoming a parent. It definitely changes you. I understand what it feels like to be on both sides.

Today I thought about how I could support my sons' teachers. Because I can't volunteer anymore, I have to get creative. I always like to donate to "wish lists" ~ but sometimes teachers are afraid to ask for what I LOVE to give ~ yes, books.

I think I am going to ask each of the boys' teachers to tell me a genre or type of book they would like to have. Maybe there is a unit on animals, or folktales, etc, that they would like to have. Or I also ask for titles of books they might want multiple copies that book that "everyone" is clamoring for can be read by more than one child.

Or maybe a book set for their guided reading group (small group reading).

Don't underestimate the power in giving books. Plus your kids will know that you gave them, which will make them all the more special...

Oh, and Nick had a fabulous day...

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