Thursday, August 19, 2010

More time READING is what makes the difference

I am so grateful I have a strong philosophy about teaching. It gets so overwhelming at times -- the new curriculum, new textbooks, new professional books, workbooks, etc. -- it would be really easy to try and either 1) do everything handed to me, or 2) do "busy work".

But I know this one thing to be true. More time actually reading text is what makes the difference in kids' reading.

It's not worksheets -- it's not a specific program.

It can be electronic reading - articles or short books on the computer, for example. I am not saying it has to be a book, per se. Books are my first choice, but I am aware we live in an age of technology.

The more time they can actually get their heads involved in reading, the better. Think of it like piano. I can study great pianists, read sheet music, tell you all about music theory. But unless I put my hands to the keys (A LOT, and consistently), I am not going to get better at it.

I say this as a precursor for my own parents. I don't give a ton of homework. I want them to read. But, I WANT THEM TO READ. That is non-negotiable.

Don't be alarmed if your teacher is like me...maybe worksheets or paper/pencil tasks aren't being's ok.

Just get them READING!

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