Saturday, August 14, 2010

Set a time

We all know the importance of reading to or with our children. We also know that, in the busy lives we lead, sometimes it gets squished out (like some people with the gym).

So I propose we put it in a sacred spot as a daily routine.

Here's how I would go about it. First, watch your kids. Know if they are morning or afternoon or evening people. Then check yourself. When do you feel freshest?

Then get 15-20 minutes. Maybe it's when they are going to bed. I am horrible in this time slot because I am not a morning person, and because of sports/difference in ages, the kids have different bedtimes. So when I stayed home, it was best to read while they are eating breakfast. It got them off to a good start.

Now, with the hustle of the morning (now I have to get the four of them up, ready and fed, plus look presentable and get out the door by 7:05 -- after getting back from the gym at 6:35 -- whew!) we are going to change our time to baths. The bigger boys shower, but while Nick is in the bathtub, we all sit in the bathroom and read. Captive audience.

Whenever the time -- right after school when they are having a snack -- make it a set routine and don't waiver. They will look forward to that time, and you won't skip or get to the end of the day and say, "oops, we forgot."

Have a fabulous Saturday.

As an afterthought, I found some former students on Facebook last is amazing to see them graduated from college...holy cow -- I am old (but still 29, of course).

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