Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SO Inspiring!

Here's a morsel to chew on today.

Be the inspiration.

What do I mean? Well, yesterday I was at Kiker (my new digs) for our onsite New Teacher Orientation. We met with our administration, got a tour, learned the nitty gritty.

But I said inspiration...and that, in a nutshell, is how I would describe my principal.

I have had several (ok, many) administrators in my career, and each has been unique. Some were good managers, some strong with curriculum, some good with people...

This principal is a true leader. She empowers EVERYONE (not just the adults or employees) to be the very best they can be, to live the life they were designed to live, and to pursue things outside of the moment.

How do I know this? Trust me. It was in her words.

I do not know her well, but she has already opened herself to me (and us all), made herself vulnerable, and expressed more than once how she wants to support and push me to greater heights. She has high expectations, but she is going to be there, communicating with me and moving me.

I have had only one other administrator in my life like that, and I am forever grateful for her. Leslie Thomas was that principal, and my year with her changed me.

These two women have not tried to fit me into a box -- or given me their "agenda" for me -- they have asked me about my passions, talents, and strengths and let me fly. They have looked at my weaknesses and not been judgemental, but helpful in refining or finding support.

People like that are so rare. It makes me want to be a better person -- to be like them.

Let's think about our kids. We, as their parents, have a different role, yet we can also be that positive influence. Their biggest fan, their coach.

Remember, as my principal does, to develop people -- find ways to help them grow. As you inspire, they will blossom. Probably farther than you could have imagined.

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