Sunday, August 15, 2010

They do remember...

Somehow, through the spiderweb of connections that is Facebook, I have reconnected with a large group of former students. When I say former, I mean pre-kid over 11 years ago.

I was excited to find out what they were up to...most all of them began their messages by telling me they still have their writing notebooks from my class -- that's cool. All have gone to college, some are in credential programs, some are writing for their college newspapers -- that made me smile.

I know I am not the only influence. But I was an influence. We all are.

What kind of impact will we make. I chose teaching because I felt like it was the best way to make a difference in the world and it fit my God given gifts.

Now as a parent, I have four of my own to raise and nurture. How am I doing that? Am I guiding, fostering, supporting? Am I pushing, steering, and opening opportunities? Do I have my own agenda or am I helping them find their own path?

Those kids who I taught have grown into adults now, making their own decisions. Yet I know, simply from these little messages we have sent, that there is still a connection between us. I made myself vulnerable and accessible to them.

All these kids have seen me cry, laugh, and question -- mainly through the sharing of books, sharing my writing, and listening to them.

It was funny. They mentioned activities they remember, and they asked if I was still doing them. I have to admit, many things have changed. As I have continued my growth as an educator, I have tweaked, streamlined, or simply stopped some of those things.

But one thing never changes...I offer myself. As a reader, a mentor, and a cheerleader...they have me. And that, in a nutshell, is my favorite thing about teaching. The connections.

Thanks Riley, Ardis, Anthony, Beth, Cary, Paul, Emily, Samantha, Melissa, Shastee, Daniel, Matt and Martin...pass the word that I would love to hear from more of my old (ok, I am the old one) friends!!!

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