Monday, August 30, 2010

Realizing where you are to know where you want to go...

Today we did our first page in our Reading Notebook. We have 3 sections: Identity, Strategies, and Log. The first section is where we write down things about ourselves as a reader.

Our first page of this section is "What's True About Me as a Reader." I did it today for myself to model for them, and something interesting happened...I made a realization in something I wrote on my page.

I wrote "I don't read at home as much as I would like to."

I continued modeling the rest of my list, although my mind was turning.

Why don't I? What could I do to change that?

I gave them a chance to make their lists in their books and then I talked with them specifically about a couple of mine.

I pointed out that I have a library card...that's a sign of a reader that seeks out books beyond what is "right there" at hand. I like writing in my books, which shows I respond to what I am reading and writing helps me.

Then I went back to the not reading at home one.

First of all, their eyes were big as plates that their teacher admitted something not-so-good about herself.

I began, "This one stood out to me the most. Although it is true for me now, I am thinking I would like to change that. It could become a goal of mine. I could go home and see what things take me away from reading and try to "steal" moments to fit in reading. I may need to turn off the TV, or get the boys to help out...I need to explore the possibilities."

I gave them a few more minutes to see if they wanted to add anything else to their lists, and look for things they may want to set goals about.

Do it for yourself, and then have your kids do it. You will be surprised at how easy it will be to find things that are strong, and things that we can improve!

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