Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are you getting prepared????

I am. It's nuts! School is abuzz with energy and excitement, and the countdown is on. Tonight I prepped my "handbook" -- a little compilation I put together that explains the routines of my classroom and why I do them.

I love this (although it is a lot of work) because as a parent, I know my head is spinning after "Back to School Night" (usually a night after school starts when teachers have parents for an hour or so to explain things). It's not enough time, and I get overwhelmed. And with three kids in three different classes, I can't be at all of them.

So I really lean on any notes of explanation that go home. I give out the handbook before the first day of school ("meet the teacher") because I know how much paperwork goes home that first day/week and I don't want it to get lost. Parents then have a chance to read it over and feel like they are informed before they come in for Curriculum/Back to School night.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this handbook makes me THINK, PRIORITIZE, and REMIND me of what I am doing and why. There are lots of things I could spend my time doing, but what is the BEST use of time? What is the most precise way I can teach? The most effective?

It reminds me to stay fresh. To not always do things the same way.

Hmm...can we take that to heart at home? Are there ways we can tweak what we have going? Can we think of ways to make reading more fun? Maybe a new "reading spot" -- only used for reading -- or maybe it's a matter of being better with our time -- read while on the way to practice, for example.

As you are evaluating your new "homework plan" -- you do have one, right? Think of ways you can freshen things up -- or keep things the same, because they are working well.

Happy Tuesday -- and yes, I realize my posts are getting later in the day -- I am finding the quiet after the boys go to bed the best time to do this these days!

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