Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Create the buzz about a book

I had another great day - and see more areas where we can grow -- that's good news!

Here's my tip for today - kids are just like adults in that when something is deemed "in," everyone clamors to get it.

So I created a stir about an author today -- it doesn't matter which, but it was Katie Couric, actually. The past two days we have read her book, Brand New Kid and Blue Ribbon Day. Each talk about aspects of being accepting, kind, and the person you are. As I read them, I made a big deal of how much past students have loved these books, and how I enjoy them too.

Guess which books they were asking to read independently? Katie's books. One of my girls even asked if she had more books (which she hasn't yet, but I suggested to her we write Katie and tell her she should).

What can you do with your kids? Name drop! Hey, I was talking with some other moms, and they say their kids were reading ____. Or - I read in the paper that kids in Austin really like ____. Show them the "Bestseller" list for kids - they have it every Sunday in our local paper.

Create a buzz...heck, it's worked for things like Silly Bandz...why not books?

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