Friday, August 20, 2010

This and That

Ok, first off I have to apologize if this is disjointed today. Our upstairs A/C went out yesterday -- wow does it get hot inside when it is triple digits outside -- so we half slept on couches downstairs. Thank goodness Mr. Repairman will be coming today.

I actually have a plea. I want this site to be helpful to YOU. I know that there are times where you have questions about either a term a teacher is using in regards to reading, or maybe she/he explained something really fast and you need a little more clarification.

Keep me in mind. Send me questions via comments or email. I would love to help.

Today in most Texas schools, we have what is called "Meet the Teacher." Students come to the classroom, meet us, and get a little settled before the big day Monday. It is a whirlwind of new faces, quick chats, and getting things put into place.

If your school doesn't have this in place, you might want to suggest it. It is a great opportunity to alleviate fears and build confidence.

Yesterday I called all my kids (all our school's teachers do) and it was great to talk directly to them. I was excited to hear their voices -- and I bet they were glad to hear mine.

School is academics, yes, but it is the relationships that matter. I have already started forming new's going to be a great year!

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  1. Thanks again for all your great posts! You've made going back to school even more exciting. I do have a question. How do I get my 2nd grader to love reading like some kids I see do? She is a great reader but I have to constantly remind her to read and push her a lot?