Friday, August 6, 2010

Read Like an Actor...

Here's a quick idea: have your child "act" out the story. They can either use dialogue there, or make up their own. For example, Piggie and Gerald books have all dialogue, so they can use that. Others may have little or no dialogue. In that case, you can read a portion and have them use that information to create dialogue. Picture books would work well.

I say that because you wouldn't believe how kids love what's called "Reader's Theater" -- where a book is typed as a play, and kids act it out.

I am always amazed at how kids love drama and acting. I wasn't that way, but I have seen plenty of kids who eat it up.

Why? Because it will help develop fluency, oral speaking skills, and comprehension. They have to understand what is truly happening in the story to play a part in it.

Try it...I am going to get the twins to do Gerald and Piggie with each other, and Matt and I are going to use a Hank Zipzer...

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