Monday, August 16, 2010

A good resource...

I am beginning to specifically plan for the first week of school. Our district standards state that the first theme we have in reading is "determination."

I have PLENTY of books, but sometimes that makes it tough to choose which books I want to begin with. I have to also keep in mind I have all year to read with these kids, but somehow I always want to find that "perfect" book.

I remembered a website I have used, Carol Hurst's Literature site. She has lists and lists of books by genre, theme, grade level, etc. It is wonderful. She also has reviews on the books she lists.

I think this will help immensely. Think about it. Your child has been assigned a book report in a specific genre. They can go on the website, preview, and select from the lists by grade level and genre.

It will save you a lot of worry that the book is appropriate.

Write down her name and keep it handy.

By the way, today I got a taste of the juggling act which I call life...full time back at school, four boys at home, laundry, dishes, dinner, baseball and football...

I AM GOING TO BE BUSY -- but I wouldn't change a thing...I am getting excited to meet those eager new faces!!! Get ready to read little ones!!!!!

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