Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day Jitters

There is a book with this exact title -- many teachers read it the first day of school. It is a cute story where a girl is having mixed feelings about getting up and going for her first day of school -- the twist is, it ends up the girl is the teacher.

It's true, however...we all get first day nerves...even after 18 years, I have a tough time sleeping that night before.

I know your kids do too. Here is the perfect opportunity to talk with using books. Go to any bookstore right now and you will find a plethora of "first day" books. Read a few together, and see what kind of conversation crops up.

Talk about the characters, their feelings, and events. Ask them their opinions. This will come around to their feelings towards school starting, believe me. They will probably talk way more with books as a segway than they would have with you just asking questions directly about their feelings.

I don't think it will take all the jitters away, but knowing that other characters have those same feelings will put them at ease a bit. You will also have more information about what they are anxious about, and you can talk specifically with them to calm their fears.

Happy Wednesday -- four more days!!!!!

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