Sunday, May 16, 2010

What You Can Do to Spice Up Reading

Yesterday I talked about making it a goal to read during the summer.

Here's the bonus of summer: YOU HAVE TIME. My biggest complaint during the school year is that I don't feel I have the time to spend doing the "extras" that I want to with my boys.

For example, with Nick - he's two, and absorbing new things like a sponge. This is the summer where I want to focus on reading fun, and how words are a part of the world.

One way to do that is to cook with them. It is fun to try new foods, to create lists, to read new recipes...and Nick learns that asparagus starts with A, is green, and is a vegetable.

I win a few ways with this. It makes the boys venture out of the chicken/peas/corn world to try new foods. And yes, I do have cupcake day, and pancake day (we make them in various shapes and designs)...but it's all about being together, having fun and yes, making messes at times.

But I also stick a book in...Matt will read "Green Eggs and Ham" to Nick and we will make it. I will read "Pancakes, Pancakes" by Eric Carle...all you need to do is search amazon or go to the library and do a search for a particular food.

The older boys obviously do it for their brother, but they are learning skills too. Planning, reading, listing ingredients, helping me shop...

Matt's been reading a lot of baseball books. This summer he also wants to work on eating better - he is my stocky `10 year old. I know he is beginning to have to learn to make his own food choices. This summer is all about learning that athletes fuel their bodies, and that eating right helps them perform well. I am going to capitalize on that and have him read some articles on athletes and how they eat. (I am not going to have him drinking protein shakes and powerbars - it's good fruits and veggies!)

So think about ways you can stretch your reading a book and draw what it made you think about...learn about the topic...try the topic (say it's horses - go horseback riding).

Remember, you have time this summer. Spend it together, and make books a springboard to fabulous activities.

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