Monday, May 17, 2010

Cutting Kids Some Slack

I just joined a new gym this weekend, and for those of you who know about Lifetime Fitness, you know this is not just a place to could almost spend your whole day there.

So I am pumped to get a new level of fitness, try some new things (rock climbing), and get remotivated.

But there too, I also need to keep in mind that when I am pushing my body to new limits, I need to give it enough fuel, rest, and recovery (I am not good at this).

So it is with reading. Our kids work hard. Sometimes it is sweat and tears. So cut them some slack. Give them a day off once in a while, where they don't have to pick up their books.

I gave that day to my boys yesterday. Today they are refreshed and ready to take it up again.

Remember, our stamina and reading fitness level is not the same as theirs. I remember a time when Scott and I went cycling together. He is an elite bike rider - he glides like it's no big deal. I, on the other hand, am not. I could kick tail up any mountain you put in front of me, but I am not fast - speed is not my thing. But anyway, Scott and I had this idea that we could take a ride together.

Not a great idea.

He was good to go at first, I could keep up pretty well, but then I wanted to slow the pace. It was too easy for him, so he took off like it was no big deal.

I forgot to mention we were in Mammoth on the highway.

I plugged along, cursing the fact I couldn't keep up, frustrated that I thought I could. Our kids feel that way in reading sometimes.

So slow down. Pace with them, bring them along. And when they've worked really hard for a few weeks (or days - you know your child's stamina), give them a day of rest.

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