Saturday, May 22, 2010

Try Things Out

One thing I have learned through my classroom is that kids need modeling...they need someone to show them how to do things, and then guide them through the process until they are independent. Once they are on their own, I notice something else...they start to discover their own passions, likes and dislikes.

We as parents need to remember that.

My boys are constant reminders of this.

Sometimes they even become good at things they didn't have any idea they might like. Sometimes they get good at things, yet they don't really enjoy it. Sometimes it is a struggle, and they work through it and find the grit to excel. Sometimes they find it isn't their thing.

We need to remember our kids are KIDS. They don't have all the knowledge, experience, successes and yes, mistakes we do. They are also independent beings from us.

What we love, what we THINK they will love, what we want them to love, may not be their thing.

One of the biggest parenting lessons to learn, I think.

So what do we do and what does that have to do with reading? We need to let go of our own expectations and provide things/subject matter/genres of reading for them to try.

I am not a big Fantasy fan, but I will step outside my box and read them for kids in my classroom...they might discover that is their thing. Who am I to push/expose them only to my own likings?

If you think of it that way, we may be limiting our kids, something we definitely don't want to do.

Take a step back, as a parent, a reader, a the world of reading to them to the depth and broad spectrum that's out there.

I guarantee if you do it in reading, you will do it with sports, where they go to college, and yes, who they bring into your family.

Let's let our kids enjoy.

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