Monday, May 10, 2010

The Last 5 Minutes

Brain research has shown that whatever we expose our minds to the last five minutes or so before going to bed will imprint long and deep.

I mention this because I had a friend of mine do some spelling review with her son this way, and the next day he only missed one of his spelling words as opposed to quite a few.

I want you to think about what your kids are doing the last few minutes before bed.

Next year, I am going to implement a little review book, where the kids have 5 things to quickly read over as a review from the day right before they hit the pillow. I will have them write in the book as we pack up for the day, as a "what we did today" and then they will read them that night.

What does this have to do with reading? Everything. The training of the brain. Firing those neurons -- keeping the mind fit.

I would challenge you to try it too. Instead of the TV clicking off right before you doze, try making a list of something you want to remember. The next morning, I bet you wake remembering what it was you wrote. Don't make it a stressful "I must remember to do this..." list, make it more of a mind/word game.

Trust me. It works.

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