Friday, May 28, 2010

Going to Houston

Today I am going to go pick up the rest of my classroom in Houston...I had loaned it to the woman who took over for me.


I am very happy to get the opportunity to see those kids. I love them to was one of those classes where I had a great bond. They are special, and always will be.

I am going to have a very short time with them, unfortunately, so I am going to make sure I check in with each one, and give them a final "Mrs. Forrest boost" to continue their lifelong reading journeys.

It also is a closing. A moving on. And that is a very good thing too. I look forward to the new kids who will come into my life, the administrators who will encourage me to be a better person and teacher, the collegues who will grow alongside me.

I have such emotion running through me right now, it is hard to find words.

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