Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funny how those Flyers Work

Yesterday in the paper San Antonio ran a circular advertising all the vacation things to do there. Well, Ben picked that up and promptly began begging to go to Sea World, the Alamo, Riverwalk...

And then he got Sam and Matt started. Soon it was a barrage of "Can we??? Please???"

Scott being out of town :( I had to think fast.

So I put them to work, making an itinerary of all the things we would do and when. I told them they had to read up on the places to make sure they were able to take young kids (Nick) and find out the cost. They also needed to find out one fact about each place that they could share with us.

Oh my gosh, they were glued to the computer as soon as we came back from baseball, and their lists of "to do" are a mile long...of course we will not do it all, but this was real reading folks!

Try it...give them a reason to read...really, authentically read...they will do it!

And no, this was not an subsidized ad for San Antonio -- I wish!

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