Saturday, May 29, 2010

Struggling Readers Need A Bond

Yesterday I went to see the class I had for four months in Houston. They looked older, beginning to sport those summer swim tans, and they had those same eager eyes.

Yes, I notice their eyes, and I made a point to look into each one. I told them each how much they meant to me, and how I cared so much about them and the journey they were on as readers.

I told them that if I was that little voice in the back of their minds that encouraged them to read, to write, to learn, I was incredibly honored and glad.

I could see the connection with many of them. A connection that wasn't there day one of Third Grade.

I firmly believe readers need to find a person in their lives that spur them on and fill them with inspiration.

Mine was Mrs. Grube and Eve Bunting...think about who inspired you. Who gave you this feeling that reading is important and have it, because now you are reading this in hopes of passing that passion on to your child.

Those are the people who set us on our path...but there are others all along the way who keep cheering for us, moving us along.

Thank you, my dear have made an impact on my life. Even though it seemed a short while, and I am not in your yearbook, I hope you remember - not me, but what I hope you can take with you forever...the inspiration to learn and read.

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  1. You were definitely one of those people for Deanna!!! Whenever she has to write about why she wants to be a teacher you are included. You were the one that gave her a light at the end of the tunnel and that is what she wants to be to the students she has a privilege to be a part of their life. THANK YOU!!!! You gave me much hope too. Although she struggled she never has felt less of a person because of it. It amazes her that you had such an impact on her life when you were gone for an extended period of time on medical leave. It shows that a person can make a big difference in a short period of time. That is what I hope for those 12 hrs when I am caring for a group of patients and their families. Love you, Vicki