Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Getting Harder

So this morning my boys DRAGGED out of bed. June 2nd couldn't get here any sooner in their minds, not to mention mine.

If your house is like mine, there are some extracurricular variables that are getting in the way of our regular routine.

The boys are in the final tournament in baseball, so they have had a lot more pressure, and a lot more late nights (Nick is included in all this, by the way) -- they are really tired, physically.

But no matter how I try to get them to "rest," there is always swimming they want to do, errands that need to be run...

Oh, and there is homework too.

The kids are tired. Ready for their "rat race" to end for a few weeks.

But last night, I caught them, at 10pm, gathered around the nightlight in their room, reading.

How is it, when given the choice, my kids read? They see it as a break. A chance to forget about what is going on day to day. It makes them laugh, it relates to them, it gives them new knowledge and information.

And why do they have that outlook? Because Scott and I have it too. We began from very young, laughing and learning with them.

So despite the hectic pace and the "I am so ready to be done" part, pick up a book. Find a funny one, or even a magazine -- relax, take a deep breath, and read for enjoyment, read for a moment of peace.

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