Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Great Ways to Get Books

So yesterday I went a little computer - shopping happy and bought some things (ok, a lot of things). I thought I might share...

I love ebay for books. You can get a mess of them for a good price, and they are shipped to your door...but be selective. If you look in "mixed lot" -- they have a bunch of different titles -- you will have some hits and some misses. That's ok. It is a great way to build a library at home.

The other thing I will be doing in the next few weeks is spending money at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale...GREAT DEALS! But be is a huge warehouse with TONS of aisles. You may be a little overwhelmed. Go on Scholastic's website and search for the sales.

Another idea is your child's school book fair. There are usually a couple during the year. Our last one is in a few weeks, and I have told my boys they have 20 bucks each to spend -- ON BOOKS. You have to watch that - they love to buy the trinkets and posters -- I remember doing that as a kid. But I really want them to focus on getting some books for the summer.

Oh, and my school has a really neat thing going on this summer. Every Friday, they are open from 9 -1 for kids to come and check out books. Siblings are welcome too. I just have to sign them up so the librarian has an approximate count of how many kids plan to come at one point or another. Isn't that great? All the other schools I have taught at close down completely during the summer...I think this is FABULOUS.

So there are some ways to get books outside of going to a bookstore or Amazon...oh, I better go up my max bet on a set of 158 books I bid on...someone's outbid me by 50 cents!

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  1. I buy a lot of my own books (academic stuff) used through Amazon, but I wasn't aware that I could buy children's literature in lots. Great info. Thanks!