Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pushing to the Finish Line

I feel it. It's 10 days to go and done for another year.

Your kids know it, they've started to clean out the desks, homework is lessening...it's almost summer.

But, as much as I said yesterday that kids need a break, DON'T BAG IT COMPLETELY. Even though it seems so easy to let today go...and then tomorrow...

I have said time and time again...SCHEDULE IT.

Most people have to do that. Humans love routine, and none more than those under 5 feet. The predictability is what they crave and need.

Don't stop going to the library. Visit the bookstore (especially now that many school libraries are requiring kids to turn in all books for the year).

Make reading one of the top priorities every day. If you keep it in the routine now, it will be easier to continue. If you stop now, it will be hard to start up again, with all the new schedule summer brings.

I will start telling you what the boys and I are reading and how we have struggled to fit it in, or how we have made strides...


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