Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You are a HUGE influence...

My in laws are coming in today for a visit. Which got me thinking...

Scott, my husband, is a reader. He reads very complex and "heady" things...oh, and the newspaper every day.

Where did he get it? His parents. Whenever we go to their house (especially on Sundays) there are newspaper sections strewn about on the coffee tables and breakfast table. They read it all from first to last page...and they talk about it. My mother in law is a clipper -- she will find articles to send to people that she thinks they will enjoy or learn from. I get an envelope of LA Times or Star News (local paper) every few months...just to keep me abreast of the California happenings, I guess. My father in law reads it, but he's more apt to talk about the sports.

Scott is like them in that he reads it, but we don't have discussions...he isn't that way about his reading. And I get that about him. Some kids are like that too...they get it, but they aren't into the talking about it part.

So I appreciate the influence they had on him in that they modelled reading for him and he took those habits from them, yet kept his personhood.

Keep that in mind with your kids. They may not be voracious readers like you are -- right now -- but they are seeing it happen, and I am willing to bet they will be readers later on in life...

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