Friday, June 11, 2010

Keep them Reading

Have you ever considered what it is that keeps YOU in a book?

Think about it.

For me, there are a number of things. First, an author -- if I have a favorite, I will keep reading their books, and pick up any new ones they write. If someone recommends a book, I am more apt to pick it up, and secondly, I will read to find out what they thought was so good. I also like to read books that I know I can put into practice. For example, the professional books I read. They also keep me reading because I relate to them. I can picture lots of the stories in my head because I have classroom experience. I also will read if it is emotional -- it pulls me in. I will continue to read if something is humorous too. It matters a lot to me HOW the book is written. I need good writing to keep me involved.

When you have figured out a few reasons you keep reading, share it with your child. They may not know "why" they keep reading (or abandon, for that matter). Knowing what keeps them engaged will help them make smart choices about books to read, and you will have less "It's boring."

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