Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I called it...

Sure enough, mom brought about 15 different things for us to read. Some for me, some for Scott, and some for the boys.

And she had the chance to talk to each of us about the text and why she thought they would be perfect for us.

I got to thinking...she really knows us. She knows the kids.

My parents, on the other hand, usually have to ask me what the kids want for Christmas, what they are into, etc. And they see my kids more than my in laws.

Which brings me to my point today. Get to know the people in your life. Don't let time/circumstances be the only reason you are together. Make every opportunity to bond and know each other.

Relationships are why we are here. Our souls crave it.

The closer we get to people, the more we will know what makes them tick, and trust will develop.

Remember that reading can be a bridge, an open door to communicate and connect.

Maybe something you read today (maybe even this) will spark an idea to share with your child about reading. It's kids ask me daily what I blogged about and if we are going to try something new.

I think of this sort of like those aerobic walk into class thinking "I cannot lift my leg to save the world right now," but as soon as they start pumping you with "you got it - higher - 8 more - nice!" you are putting more energy out than you thought possible.

SO - "GO read!"

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