Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some cool games that tie into reading...

Part of the plan of "our day" is always to play games rather than turn on the electronics. There are a few that the boys have been playing over and over...which is great.

I like this new game Quiddich -- it has cards with letters on it, and the challenge comes for players to make two letter words first, three letter words, etc. and work up to as high as they can. It really makes them use their logic, problem solving skills, and spelling and phonics knowledge. Ben and I love it.

There is another one that Scrabble just put out too...I am going to get it. The point is to start out with one word and change one letter at a time to create new words. That again uses all those skills.

We have also been doing the word scramble and crosswords in the newspaper. Those are harder for them because they are adult oriented, but it has got them interested in getting some kid crossword books. Sometimes I will just write words they know with the letters all scrambled up and they have to figure out the word.

I have also been doing a great mind stretcher. You get one word, say investing, and see how many words (four letters or more) you can make out of it. Invest, vest, nest, gist, etc.

Getting them to play with words will only help in their reading skills, both in decoding and vocabulary.

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