Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Can't Say Enough How Important People Are...

in making a difference.

Today I got sad news about a former principal and friend in California. She's been in the hospital since last Thursday and is basically being kept alive.

Such a vibrant, young person...full of love for children and living her passion to make a difference in education. So unexpected and sudden in the prime of her life.

My fondest memory comes in one of our last visits together, right before I moved to Texas 4 years ago.

She handed me a book. One from her personal library, one she loved...yet knew I would love too. It's called Missing May, and it is well written and a beautiful story.

I have kept it, not with my hundreds of other books, but tucked neatly in my nightstand drawer beside my bed. That's where special, meaningful books go in my life. Only a few.

She may or may not have known what a statement it was to give me that book. But I think she did. It is now even more a treasure because it keeps that bond and memory of her with me.

Tiff, I am still praying you pull through, but if not, thanks for making a difference in my life. I will pass that on...and hand someone a book.

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