Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here's to the Last Few Hours

Today most of Texas is getting out of school...yesterday was the big "take home your desk and other various valuables."

My boys came home, backpacks filled to the brim with completed work, extra supplies (not many) and workbooks that hadn't been finished.

After sorting for about an hour, I looked at the I keep?

I started to weigh the pros and cons:
Daily practice - pro
Enjoyment - con
Keep them busy - pro
Out of context of reading - con

I decided to put them in the coloring bin...where they could, if they wanted to on occasion, take them out.

But our summer is going to be spent in BOOKS. There really is no better way for kids to get better at reading than to read. Yes, there are skills to build, but I say, bang for your buck -- spend the time in literature.

I also am brewing some ideas from that new Notebook Connections book I told you about earlier. I will let you know how I use it with the boys, because I think it will help their writing skills to write about what they are thinking in reading a few times a week.

So, if you are feeling guilty about not having enough worksheets or workbooks - DON'T. And don't go buy any either...spend your money on books and a good spiral notebook/journal. That's all you will need.

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