Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop and Look for a Minute

And I mean literally, look.

I was perusing facebook this morning and started to see milestone after milestone announced...graduations, birthdays...of our kids.

Our kids, who are getting older faster than we can keep up with.

Sometimes I am so caught up in the day to day that I miss noticing who they are right now -- my Matthew is 10 -- capable, self-directed, full of feeling. The twins are 7 - beginning to sprout their wings and maturity. Nick -- well, he still needs me, but yesterday I watched him carry his little lunch from Subway in a sack all by himself and get it all out on the table -- even he's growing up.

Take interest in who they are -- get to know those "older" ideas they are gaining.

This is still the time to read with them, although now we can appreciate being side by side, beginning those more mature conversations.

Sometimes I think we (well, I for sure) look forward to their independence so much because we have worked so hard in their younger years. I remind myself to pull back and give space, but always stay connected.

Remember, as I always say, books are a way to connect.

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