Sunday, June 6, 2010


I finished it ~ and did fine. It was tough, that's for sure, but I set a goal to finish strong, and I did. The hills were high, the swim was crazy crowded, but I did it.

I got through the swim, enjoyed the ride, and then realized...I still had to run!

So I took each step and just told myself to keep going. There were several who were walking, and it was darn tempting to, but I just kept plugging along.

It felt like a snail's pace, but when I got my results, I was actually doing a 9 min. mile!

So here's how it connects to reading: during the process it may feel slow and sluggish, but realize you are getting further along.

Set some goals, complete with a "finish line" for your child...then you can look back and appreciate what you accomplished.

Hooray for me ~ 42 and still "tri ing"

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