Monday, June 21, 2010

New Training

So today was Day one of a Gifted and Talented training -- one of four -- and, despite being long, it was an informative day.

I agree with what they are's called differentiated instruction. It is a way of individualizing your teaching to meet the learning styles and needs of children in your class.

Of course, this is focused on how to extend the learning for very bright, but I think it is just GOOD TEACHING FOR ALL, and I repeat, ALL, children.

I think my job is more fun that way...look and learn about the child - their needs, talents, ways of learning -- and then give them the experiences, opportunities and material that match.

The most memorable part of the morning for me was a conversation about the "challenge" of finding the right way to connect with these kids. We were talking specifically about a gifted kid who constantly questioned, scoffed, and claimed things were too easy.

OF COURSE, I brought up books as the avenue...I suggested finding the right book for that child could open doors like nothing else. Holes, Maniac Magee...characters outside the "norms."

There were quite a few new to teaching, and I hope they heard...and will do.

More learning to share, I am sure...

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