Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember "Mad Libs?"

I fondly remember them. I also remember trying to make the oddest responses in hopes that when we read back through it, we would be laughing hysterically.

And most of the time, even though it wasn't actually very funny, we would be falling on the floor, rolling with tears in our eyes.

My boys were playing today. Of course they are in this not so wonderful stage of everything bathroom talk..."butt" being the noun of choice, of course, with "toilets" as a plural noun close as number two ("haha, number two" Ben just read).

Anyhow, it was fun, they reviewed parts of speech, and they each got a chance to read it out loud. That was the fluency practice, but also, each of the entries are kind of themed, so they had to make their voices reflect the meaning.

For example, they had a "movie trailer" one that Matt read in a deep "announcer" voice. It was great to have him enunciate the words and inflect them appropriately.

So go ahead, let them say butt...they will have to read it later!

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