Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lead by Example

There is an instructor at my gym (DAVID) who is absolutely, positively, INSANE...I say that in the most loving way, of course. Every class I take from him is intense, but he keeps everyone motivated and pushing to a new, higher limit. I have never once heard him complain. His motto is "Inspire by Example." And he does.

Let's take that out of the gym and into real life. What are we inspiring our kids to do based on our example?

It's a tall order to be a parent, isn't it?

If you were to peak into my family room right now, this is a glimpse...all the adults are reading. The newspaper, a magazine, and even the LA Times on the computer. (The inlaws are here, so there are four adults -- let me clarify).

So what are the kids seeing? What are we talking about? What are they looking over our shoulders at? TEXT of some sort.

Remember...they will mimic what they see. Pick up something to read today!

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