Friday, June 25, 2010

Reading and Travelling

We are taking a quick road trip to San Antonio for the next two days...this year I involved my boys in packing. I had them sit down and tell me what they thought they would need. Weeks ago, when we were planning the trip, I had them read up on the places we were going to visit, the average weather, and about the hotel. That way they were informed, and now when we see the places, it will connect immediately with what they read.

They were awesome...they knew the hotel had a pool, so they would need their suits, they thought about the hot weather, so they decided on shorts and short sleeves -- no jackets necessary. So they wrote down their lists, took them up to their respective rooms, and checked off the list as they put it in their backpacks.

Don't underestimate what they did. That was a small example of authentic ways to use reading and writing at home.

It was not a manufactured workbook, a prompt, an isolated text...which is what many of them think of when you say reading and writing in school.

Think of real experiences to get them involved like this. Oh, and yes, they each packed two books for the car ride!!!

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