Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surround Yourself in Support

I realize we are in the midst of summer vacation, and reading/school may not be the top of your priorities right now.

Believe me, with four boys, the main goal is to keep them entertained, moving, and not fighting. And hopefully, in that endeavor, I am keeping them growing in some way educationally.

I know school feels far away. But it won't be long.

Try to reflect now on what the teachers said during the year. Where does your child need to grow?

I know too, that doing this solo is really difficult. Find other parents who can keep you accountable, who you can plan with, and who you enjoy.

My buddy in Houston, Lorrie, and I did that every summer, and I miss her this summer. Our kids meshed well, and we were able to squeeze educational time/trips/etc. into our days. It made it so much easier.

So find a support system...and keep it strong!

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