Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sometimes Even I Have to Force Them...

Yep, today was one of those days. They had finished their new books, so they were having to select from the "old" ones (poor things, such a small selection -- haha).

They were dragging their feet. Literally.

I was going to steal that time while they were reading to get the house clean, but they were not having any part of it unless I was plopped down next to them, ready to discuss.

What was I to do? My agenda was obviously not going to happen. Do you ever feel that way? I am sure that's a silly question.

Soo....I sat down. Yes, the dust bunnies were bugging me in the back of my mind at first, but once we got started, I was glad I sat down.

Matt and Sam got in a discussion about their different How to Train Your Dragon books. Sam is on a later one in the series. Matt figured out some key things about what was going to happen to the dragon in his book, an earlier one, based on what Sam was telling him. I thought that was cool.

Ben has been scouring a new Science book he got that is full of experiments to do at home. We have done a few (the rocket with vinegar and baking soda was pretty cool), but I told him to pick a few more and make a list of supplies he will need so we can start saving or get them at the store. He's really excited, and he got the neighbor boys into it too.

Just remember, it may not be easy to sit down and do it, but once you do, you feel great, and the kids do too.

And yes, I still need to clean my house...

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