Friday, July 23, 2010

Destination is again the Motivation

We are heading out of town next week -- visiting family in Seattle. My boys are again scouring the internet for any sights and scenes that go on a "must do" list they are making.

It's great! They have learned about Pike's Place Market, the Ferry System, the Space Needle, the Aquarium, and even the surrounding lakes and islands.

It's cute...they drag Nick in to see the pictures and give him full blown much as a 2 year old will listen to.

But here's another interesting thing Matt has been reading up on. Flying. In an airplane. He's only flown a handful of times in his life, and frankly, he's freaked out. So instead of talking him through the facts (more chance of an accident on the road every day!) I had him read a bit about aircraft build and safety. It actually has calmed his nerves.

Go figure. Knowledge is power.

I like my new slogan in my room...READ LEARN GROW!

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