Monday, July 19, 2010

More on Reading Identities

Another delving question I ask the kids to help them understand themselves as readers is: What book/books have been so memorable that you have read them more than once?

The answer to that question is eye opening.

First off, if a child responds that they haven't read a book more than once, I usually there one that you had someone read to you more than once? is there a book you loved hearing your teachers read more than once?

If they still don't have a title in mind, it tells me that they are a budding reader...they may either struggle or just have a low interest in reading so far (I say so far because that will change over the course of the year with me!!!) I usually challenge them by saying, "HEY! This is a great opportunity for you to find a book like that right here in MY class! I would LOVE it to be here!" It opens their eyes -- now they are actually looking for books they like enough to reread...which means they are trying to enjoy books!!!

Kids who have titles they remember reading more than once...I get to probe them more...How come? What about the book made it worth a reread? Was it funny, sad, did it relate to your life? If you have more than one book that you have reread, are there commonalities? Are they both Diary of a Wimpy Kid books? Did you laugh so hard at Junie that you just had to read it again???

Those are keys to knowing more about them, and also encouraging them to actively seek out new books that are worthy of being reread. I will also take the time for the kids to get together and share the book lists and tell each other why. Most of the time reader recommendations become "hot" to read.

So talk to your kids about books they have reread and will give you clues into what they enjoy and why they enjoy them!

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