Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breathe...take a moment...ok.

Today has been a busy one. I had a friend's kids for most of the day, which was a blessing, because they all got along great and kept active. But then, I am an old lady, and six kids can wear you out. Going to the store solo as soon as hubby comes home and going to get a nice bottle of...well, relaxing juice.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about last night. My boys have been on overdrive lately, and staying up WAY too late, TOO much. So I put my foot down. HARD. They were going to get in their beds at not one second past 8 clock. You know how that went over. Like a lead balloon.

I smoothed out the ruffled feathers by allowing them to read until one of two things occurred: they fell asleep, or I came in at 9 to make sure the books were shut. They still weren't happy, but placated.

It was FABULOUS!!! They all feel asleep before nine, and woke up this morning happy. HAPPY! I hadn't seen that in days...and they also told me about the things they had read and THANKED ME for making them go to bed.

Now tonight we are going to try it again. I can't promise it will happen every night, but I need to start getting them prepared. School is right around the corner, and we are also going to Seattle all next week. I am sure when we are with cousins we won't be heading to bed so early.

So not so much about reading today, but it will help with the overall attitudes! :)

I think after today, I might be the one who gets in bed at 8!

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