Sunday, July 4, 2010

Capitalize on all the Sports...

Lately it seems our TV has been on nonstop sports...Wimbleton, World Cup, Tour de's perfect fodder for motivation for your kids.

How so? Well, my kids have been asking about specific athletes and how they got to where they are. What do I tell them?

To go read their biographies.

And I am pleased to say there are lots of current athlete biographies, too. It lead Ben to want to know more about the Tour de France itself, and France...perfect segway. So he has deepened and widened his understanding.

Think about how many countries your kids could look up when reading about the World Cup...I wish I had read more about countries outside North America. I probably would have been spurred on to actually visit them (now it is a little daunting to travel -- our family takes a whole row on an airplane, so I will need to wait a while to get to those places).

Happy Fourth everyone...maybe take today to read up on our Independence too! :)

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