Thursday, July 1, 2010

Halfway there!

Looking at the calendar...guess what? We have about 5 more weeks ~ well, some of you have more because you got out later...

Now is the time to re-evaluate goals and see what you want to do the next half.

I need to do this with my boys in a big time way. They were great at the beginning, but as the summer has gone on, the time spent with electronics has seemed to sneak in and grow. My inlaws have been here and I have been more lax about the "schedule." I think that is perfectly normal.

Take yesterday. I got home from the gym at 7 ish and Ben was on the couch, Scott in the armchair - both with a stomach bug. Best laid plans go aside...and you do what is necessary. I apologize for not blogging - I probably needed to to clear my own head, but I didn't get to it.

Here's what I am suggesting. Sit down today and think about all you need to get done, and how you can pace yourself. I know that the boys will need dentist and doctor appointments for Fall sports, they need to get backpacks and lunch boxes, and a few new clothes (I love the pants when they are at their ankles). We also had some day trips planned - since we are still learning Austin - and I need to fit those in.

I hate procrastinating - but I do it, and then when I am crunched for time at the end of the summer I wonder why and how I got to this point.

Now that is planning YOU can do...but THEY need to sit down and look at their goals and set a plan for themselves in reading.

Matt needs to finish his last two books. Ben needs to find a new fiction series. Sam needs to read more chapter books, less "one sitting" books. Here's the thing...I am not going to tell them they have to do that. I am going to let them read their goals (since we wrote them at the beginning of the summer) and remind themselves what they need to do. There will be a huge difference in their motivation if it comes from their own words, not you reminding them -- they will take that as nagging, and will drag their heals.

After we sit down and plan, I am going to take them to BookPeople. That way, they will be focused on their goal rather than picking about 10 things they just "want."

And, because it is raining, we are going to come home, turn off the electronics, and read.

On another note, THANK YOU to all of you who have referred my blog to others. I get really excited when people meet me and then talk about how they have heard about me through this arena!


  1. I really enjoy your blog! Thank you. And I just found out that my husband does the same TC class you do with super David at 5:30. Thanks you for all the great tips on getting our kids excited about reading. I'm having a lot of trouble with my girls getting motivated so I'll use any tip out there. We love the write a word and make words with it game. We've been doing that everyday since we read it on your blog. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Thanks Leticia! I hope to meet you and your daughters soon...if not this summer, please come by my room when school starts and I will see if I can match them up with some good books!