Saturday, July 24, 2010


Matt got a postcard today. From his last year's teacher.

Two sides of me reacted at once. One, as a mom, was so excited for him. He beamed, and then began immediately devouring what she wrote. And he wouldn't share it with anyone else.

That's cool.

On the other hand, man, do I feel like a schmuck. I haven't done that. I have emailed and written to students when they have written me, but I haven't ever sent postcards to them. Of course I could make myself feel ok by reminding myself that I have four kids keeping me busy, but...I really think maintaining relationships with students is important. This is a great idea.

I have wanted to get a hold of my class lists before school to write my future kids and get them revved for the start, but we usually don't get our lists until the last minute.

Ok, so where does my idea for you come in?

I was thinking mail. Letters.

My husband travels a lot, and I think I am going to make him do this. When he goes, he needs to drop them a postcard or two.

Let me tell you -- that is motivation to read. They LOVE letters and mail.

Now, if you are like me and don't travel (believe me, sometimes I think my life revolves in a 6 mile diameter) you can still do this.

Imagine your child's surprise when they get a letter from you -- even though you are home! Do you think they will toss it aside? Heck no -- they will tear into that envelope as fast as if you have been away for two weeks.

What do you have to say? Not much, and it doesn't have to be about reading or writing or even daily life. It could be questions too...and have them write you back.

Yes, I know snail mail is a pain...but there is a huge difference between an email and a DELIVERED LETTER. Think about it.

Just a thought. Excuse me, I have some stationery to attend to...and where are my stamps???

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