Monday, September 20, 2010

Using Post Its as a Tool

This week we are beginning to use post its as a way to tab our thinking. We can't write in our books, nor can we get Mrs. Forrest's attention every minute, so we write it on post its.

So far we have learned that post its are a way for us to:
Mark places where we are confused
Identify places where there are words we don't know/understand
Mark favorite parts
Funny Parts
Surprising parts

When they come to words/parts that are confusing, stopping and jotting "I don't understand what _____ means" makes them stop and think for a minute. They don't just keep reading on. They have identified an issue and now can use their fix up strategies. I tell them that if they have a hunch about the meaning, to write it on the post it. That shows me good thinking...they tried to make meaning.

I also told them that post its save them from having to dig back and find that part they want to share with me. When I come over to conference with them in their reading spots, they always have something to show me, but it takes forever for them to find the part again. Post its solve that!

They are also motivated by using "big people" its make a huge difference - they usually react with disbelief that I am handing them a pack of post its...we do train on how to use them, and they know I am trusting them to handle them.

We will grow how we use post its, but for now, that's how we are using them. It helps when they do their response/log at the end of independent reading too...they don't have to hunt - they use the post its -

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