Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If the shoe fits...

Today we talked again about picking Just Right books, and it really clicked for a bunch of them today.

I brought in a bag of shoes : Scott's, the boys', tennis shoes, and heels.

I talked about how finding a just right book was like picking shoes. You want ones that fit, are comfortable, and are appropriate for the occasion.

I set the scene by telling them that I needed shoes for a day at Sea World. We discussed how they would need to be comfy, since I would be doing so much walking.

I first pulled out one of the twins' crocs. They decided that, although comfortable, it wasn't my size.

Shoe two brought peals of laughter: Scott's work shoe. Double trouble: too big, and not good for walking around Sea World.

Nick's tennis shoe came out next. They squealed with delight, but told me that it was WAY too small.

I pulled out a high heel of mine. Immediately hands went up: "It's the right size, but not appropriate for Sea World!" they chimed.

Finally, I pulled out my tennis shoe...of course they all hollered "JUST RIGHT!"

And so, like shoes, you want your child to get that sense of something fitting...being comfortable,
just right for them.

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