Monday, September 13, 2010


Accountability is a tough lesson. It's hard for us to do sometimes...either we are busy, tired, or we take them at their word that it's getting done. needs to happen.

Especially in reading.

It doesn't have to be done in a dictatorial way, either. It can be gentle and supportive. Kids need to know we are going to be listening -- hearing them read, and asking them to work hard in those areas they have set goals.

I have noticed with kids in my classroom, mainly the ones who don't LOVE reading yet, that they are the ones who aren't used to being held accountable.

Here's how I do it. Rather than: You must read this book for this amount of time, I will say, "We know these are just right books (offer two or three choices), and I would like you to choose one to read during this reading time. I will check in with you in a bit to see how you are doing. I may give them a teaser about a character or a plot to get them going." Then I COME BACK and ask them about how they are doing. I ask about the book, but I also ask about how they feel about the process. Are they able to be focused? If not, why? How can we change the circumstances so they can focus. If they are focused, I praise specifically for the focused behaviors they have done.

Do that at home. Check up. In a nice way. Pretty soon you will notice the spans of time will get longer and longer, and they will become more focused.

Why? Because you consistently held them accountable. EVERY DAY. EVERY TIME.

Yes, it is a lot at first, but gradually that will change. They will become more independent as they build that stamina.

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