Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Day AFTER Back to School Night... always a bit of a crash. It's a high energy night, and I always want to say more than I did.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday -- between granite (MY KITCHEN IS PRETTY NOW!!!), shuttling/getting childcare for the kids, and Back to School Night, I didn't get on the computer at all.

It was great to meet my new parents, however, I know how much information is coming at them...they hardly have a chance to process it all, much less formulate a question.

Here's what I would like you to do. If your teacher throws out some education jargon you don't understand, post a question here. I will try and decipher it.

Also, to my parents, if there are questions about books, reading strategies, and the like, make this your forum to ask.

I can put things up here and hope they hit someone's target, but if I am answering questions, I know I have touched something someone needed.

I will, of course, continue telling you what we are doing in the classroom, what I am conferencing with kids about, aha moments, and also good books to try.

Today is going to be one of refocusing for me, getting my schedule and routine on track...wish me luck!

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  1. Why would a 2nd grader continue to read by skipping words? For example: she'll be rading a chapter book or an easier book and as we're listening to her, we'll notice that she either skips words a lot like "the", "an", "on", etc. Or she'll change the word a lot like "an" to "a", or "is" to "was" or "and" to "in". Trying to figure out how to correct her and whether this is a bigger issue than what we're making of it. Thanks for all your support!