Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Really Tapping into Important Connections

As we have been studying connections, I have been nudging the kids to make really meaningful connections...not just superficial ones.

It takes a little more thinking and digging. When we read a book, for example, one by an author we have read before, I ask them to predict, based on what we know about theme, style, etc...what they expect with this one. After reading, if our predictions were incorrect, we then revise our thinking.

Also, I try to teach them that connections to a book are more than, "I've seen a frog before," or "I like frogs." It's more..."I know frogs jump and hop, and they are amphibians...I wonder whether this frog lives in the water, on land, or both?"

And with thematic connections - what do they really think, know and feel about them? What experiences do they have and how does that affect how they think about this book?

Connections strengthen if they are made. The deeper the connection, the stronger the bond.

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