Sunday, September 12, 2010

I got these two hooked...

We started baseball this week, and I asked two kids who I loaned a couple bags of books to last year if I could get them back.

Their moms both said the exact same thing. When they first got the books, they were gung ho, and read and read and read.

Then summer hit, and their excitement waned. The books basically sat there.

But as soon as I asked for them back, both boys clamored to have more time with them, and selected books to keep reading or at least read one more time before they had to go.

I smiled. I must have found something that connected.

I still had to take the books, however. A few of them are a part of some book studies we are doing on fluency, and another is a series I need to get one of my guys involved with.

Tomorrow my quest to satiate those reading appetites begins at 7:35!

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