Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It takes effort...

I knew this was going to be my quest. I knew from day one this would be my challenge. But hey, who doesn't like a challenge???

My little one who is in and out of books is, in a nutshell, in and out of books -CONSTANTLY.

I bought those graphic novels for him (I like them for content, except the binding is weak and they are already falling apart), and he's "done" as quickly as he can.

He's not getting engaged, or building stamina. And it's not for a lack of me giving him material.

SOOOOOO, I am going to keep trying. Today I finished up oral testing (where kids read to me for district reporting), so I have time to now be conferring constantly during independent reading.

I am excited, but am formulating a plan. First, I am going to meet with him and have him really choose a book. I am going to select things I have read so I know the material well. They are also going to be quicker reads.Next, HE is going to set a goal for himself for the amount of time he is going to read. I am going to gently guide him to read for three minutes solid. After three minutes, I will confer with him. I need to know what his process is and listen to him -- my guess is he isn't actively thinking about what he is reading. He isn't letting the story take over - he's reading words, and that is "boring" him.

I am going to model how excited I am about the part he read and tell him the things I thought about when I read it. As I share, I will be saying, "I bet you thought that too? You know what I mean? I know as a good reader you thought that too..." I will be planting the thinking, and building him up positively.

I will let you know how day one goes...

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