Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gradual Release of Responsibility's time.

Around second and mainly third grade, kids need to start taking more responsibility. I mean this in a very general sense -- in terms of writing/knowing what their homework is, packing their own backpacks, putting away laundry, etc...but also in a very specific sense - with reading.

I have been very supportive in helping kids choose just right books and getting them "into" books, but they are all on a gradual release from my hand holding.

If I always tell them what to read, they will depend on that. If they only come to me for suggestions and to "get pumped" about a book, they will need that all the time.

So as I see them able to get a sense of what is right for them, I nudge them gently from the nest.

It's fascinating. They first look at me wide eyed with a "you want ME to WHAT? Choose a book without you?" but as I supportively give them more freedom, you see them blossom.

That is when they start to develop the confidence in themselves as readers, learners, people.

Don't hold their hands too might hold them back.

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